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Private fee schedule 

We do our utmost to ensure that you understand the cost of your treatment and are happy with the outcome.

We recommend that private patients consider joining our Practice Payment Plan. You can find more information on this website - select Payment Plan from the index.


Initial Examination £50.00
Routine Examination £40.00
small £5.00
Scaling with dentist £50.00
Scaling with hygienist £70.00 per visit
Amalgam Fillings  
Per surface from From £48.00
Pin From £15.00
Single surface From £60.00
Two or more surfaces (med) From £85.00
Two or more surfaces (large) From £100.00
Root Fillings (cost of filling to be added)  
Incisor and canines From £200.00
Premolars From £200.00
Molars From £380.00
Veneer Emax From £500.00
Digital All Procelain Crown From £650.00
PBC From £580.00
FGC/Inlay From £220.00