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Health and safety policy 


Our aim is to provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions, equipment and systems of work for all our employees and to provide the necessary information, training and supervision to achieve this. We are also responsible for the health and safety of other people who may be affected by our work activities. The practice infection control policy complements this policy.


This policy applies to all employees and self-employed contractors who work at the practice.


Following this policy will help us to:


  • Prevent accidents and cases of work-related ill health and control risks from work activities
  • Provide adequate training to ensure staff are competent to do their work
  • Engage and consult with staff about health and safety issues and advice and supervision on occupational health
  • Implement emergency procedures, including evacuation in case of fire or another significant incident
  • Maintain a safe workplace and equipment and ensure safe storage and use of chemicals, materials and substances.


We will review this policy periodically and when there are changes in the practice to ensure that the policy is kept up to date. Therefore, as a minimum, we will review the policy annually.


Good communication is an essential aspect of health and safety management. We will consult staff on all health and safety matters at our regular monthly practice meetings. We expect you to cooperate with colleagues when undertake the duties described in this policy. We may take disciplinary action if you do not follow the policy.


Responsibility for health and safety matters within the practice lies with Anoushka Wwickramasinghe(practice owner).


Anoushka Wickramasinghe is responsible for this policy being carried out at the practice 26A Cowbridge Road West, Ely, Cardiff. CF5 5BS.. In their absence, Louise Mather acts as their deputy.


All members of the team must cooperate with those who have specific responsibilities and take reasonable care of themselves and others. The following are responsible for safety in particular areas:


Louise Mather  infection control, including waste

Anoushka Wickramasinghe radiation safety

Louise Mather  amalgam/mercury hygiene

Louise Mather  risk assessments including COSHH, manual handling, DSE, trainees and pregnancy

Louise Mather  safety training

Louise Mather  accident investigation

Louise Mather monitoring equipment maintenance.


If you notice a health or safety problem that you cannot put right, you must tell the person who has responsibility for that area.


General arrangements


The qualified first aider for the practice are Savannah Jones and Kate Jones. The first-aid box is kept downstairs back room and a list of telephone numbers of doctors and hospitals available to the practice is kept at reception. The first-aid box will be maintained by Savannah Jones and Kate Jones who will ensure that it is adequately stocked at all times.


All accidents must be entered in the accident report book, which is kept practice filing cabinetand reported to Louise Mather who will decide whether the accident or incident should be reported to the HSE.


All team members receive annual training in medical emergencies and CPR.

Display screen equipment

All users of display screen equipment (DSE) are given appropriate training on the health and safety aspects of this type of work. Louise Mather assesses all DSE workstations in the practice. Eye and eyesight tests are arranged on request and corrective eyewear (if required for use with DSE) is provided. A footrest and wrist pad are provided, if required.

Electrical safety

Louise Mather conducts regular visual inspections on all portable electrical equipment at the practice. A combined inspection and test of portable electrical equipment is carried out every 6 months and of the fixed supply every [five] years by OCS. Records of these inspections and tests are kept practice filing cabinet

Fire safety

General fire safety within the practice is the responsibility of Louise Mather..


You must know what to do if a fire occurs: the evacuation procedure and the arrangements for calling the fire brigade. Escape routes must be free from obstruction at all times and adequately signposted. Fire alarms and smoke detectors are tested weekly on Monday at 8.45. Fire extinguishers are inspected annually by Scott FPS. Fire drills are conducted monthly and a record kept.


If a smoke detector or fire alarm sounds, you should make others in the practice aware of a potential fire and, if appropriate, report the fire (dial 999) and evacuate the building. You must only tackle a fire if it poses no threat to your personal safety.

Manual handling operations

You must avoid lifting items where there is a risk of injury. If lifting is unavoidable, we will undertake an assessment of the load, the environment and your capability. You should ask for help from Louise Mather or others within the practice. 

Personal protective equipment

Personal protective equipment is given where you are exposed to risks to your health that cannot be controlled by other means. We will provide comprehensive training on its use, maintenance and purpose.


Louise mather is responsible for ensuring that you receive adequate training to allow for safe working practices and procedures. Training includes advice on the use and maintenance of personal protective equipment and emergency contingency plans.


The following tasks are hazardous and require special training:


  • Using the autoclave to sterilise instruments
  • Decontaminating equipment prior to sterilisation
  • Disposing of used local anaesthetic cartridges and needles
  • Taking dental radiographs
  • Processing radiographs

Visitors and contractors

All contractors and visitors to the practice (with the exception of patients) should be referred to Louise Mather to ensure that they are made aware of the hazards present and what precautions might be required.

Work equipment

Practice equipment is maintained in good working order and repair and, where appropriate, is clearly marked with health and safety warnings and staff provided with adequate protection. We follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for maintaining equipment.

Workplace inspections

Louise Mather conducts regular inspections of the practice. You will be informed of the significant findings at the monthly staff meetings or sooner, if appropriate.






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Practice owner


Date: 01/04/23

Review date: 20/01/24